Titan Motorsports: The House Of Record-Breaking Toyota Supras

  • Titan Motorsports is a Florida-based performance shop specializing in offering hardcore parts for the Toyota Supra, Nissan GT-R, and more.
  • Known in the drag racing world for setting records with the 2JZ-powered Mk4 Toyota Supra.
  • Most recent accomplishments include a 5-second quarter-mile pass with EKanoo Racing and pioneering one of the first 8-second GR Supras.


When many of us think of Orlando, destinations like Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld come to mind. It’s a hotbed for family-friendly tourism that sees more than 70 million visitors a year. However, it’s also home to one of the most recognized high-performance shops in the scene, Titan Motorsports.

The industry’s OGs will remember Titan right away for their uncanny ability to break drag racing records with the 2JZ-powered Toyota Supra. Their claim to fame dates back to 2002, when 9-second passes in the NHRA street tire class were still unheard of. More recently, they’ve accomplished crossing into the 5-second barrier with EKanoo Racing, as well as setting the bar for the B58-powered GR Supra with one of the first-ever 8-second passes, and they continue to make history 22 years after opening their doors. It was a treat for me, an A90 Supra owner myself, to finally stop by their headquarters as they prepare for another cutthroat quarter-mile competition, TX2K.


Titan Motorsports is located 15 minutes away from Orlando International Airport and maybe about 20 minutes away from Walt Disney World (meaning you can drop off the kids and catch up with them later). As I arrived at the facility, I was taken aback by how tall it stands from the main street. It’s no ordinary operation but a 25,000 square foot warehouse. Inside houses a massive installation bay with five lifts (during my visit, I counted eight cars under the knife). Next on the tour was Titan’s in-house R&D and fabrication center. They engineer well-known parts such as their 2JZ billet blocks and stroker kits, Mk4 Supra Chromoly rollbars, and high flow A90 downpipes. The other half of the warehouse consists of rows of inventory that carry virtually everything the business offers online or via wholesale, including goodies from ARP, Brian Crower, Wiseco, and Bosch. Last but not least is the front office and showroom, perhaps on the quieter side during my visit as the majority of the staff were gearing up for the weekend’s big race. Still, I admired a 1,000+hp Mk4 Supra displayed front and center along with walls decorated with countless trophies and magazine features.

Titan Motorsports: The House Of Record-Breaking Toyota Supras Titan Motorsports: The House Of Record-Breaking Toyota Supras Titan Motorsports: The House Of Record-Breaking Toyota Supras Titan Motorsports: The House Of Record-Breaking Toyota Supras


Before getting out of Titan’s hair for the day and letting them get back to preparing for TX2K, I took another stroll through the workshop to see the three cars they’ll be competing with — a twin-turbocharged Audi R8, the 8-second GR Supra, and their renowned copper Mk4, a racing legend that’s commonly referred to as the fastest Supra in the world. I also spotted another purpose-built drag car owned and driven by Pety Fuser, which once started life as a Pontiac Grand Prix but is now fueled by a VW four-cylinder with compound turbos. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch CEO Nero Deliwala, but hopefully, the next time I’m in town, I’ll finally get to meet him and hear about what other new feats they’ve accomplished.

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