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My Favorite Front Street Moments of 2016: Kyle Crawford

Focusing my passion for the motorsports industry helps to keep monotony at bay and allows my mind to be enthusiastic about finding new ways to view different topics, learn something new, and dive headfirst into new experiences. In this unique position as one of the content creators here at Front Street, I have the opportunity to broadcast my passion both visually and written for all to see, and I’m privileged to retain these memories for the rest of my life.


Build Series: Old School Labs – SR20VE/SR20DET Hybrid Engine Build Part 1

Halloween couldn’t have come any sooner as I’ve been busy turning wrenches and assembling my very own Frankenstein engine, assembled using a slew of parts sourced from a variety of sources – Nissan to Honda. As I sit here plugging away at my keyboard, I find myself reminiscing back to the golden years of import tuning and the LS VTEC hybrid swaps I found myself building back my in youthful days. It was two years ago that I was intrigued to build another hybrid engine, but this time associated with the Nissan branding that best suits my retro-mod Datsun 510.