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Where The Race Gas Flows Like Wine: TX2K18

If you aren’t familiar with TX2K, it’s a Thursday through Sunday, roll racing and drag racing event filled with the fastest “street” cars in the nation. Although, it’s what happens outside of the racetrack that’s interesting. Car meets, and the infamous late night street racing draw attention to TX2K on an international scale.


Strength In Numbers In The Pits At Houston’s TX2K

Texas is home to the quintessential American attitude of ‘bigger is better’, and this mantra includes a fascination with all things high-horsepower. For automotive enthusiasts, this attraction plays out in the form of the TX2K event held each year in Houston, Texas, where an assembly of the nation’s fastest street-driven drag-race cars takes over Royal Purple Speedway and exemplifies the theory by attacking the dragstrip in a festival of horsepower.