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The Unsung Hero: Wray Gillette’s Ten Second True Street del Sol

Our society births two types of people, those who dream and those who do. The dreamers spend an eternity wishing for a change, for a door to open, or for a life improving opportunity to be presented. Then there are the doers, the people who take nothing for granted and pour their soul into their passion to create their own change, kick down the doors of resistance, and create their own opportunities. Doers like Wray Gillette and his 1995 Honda del Sol have helped to make the automotive culture what it is today.


NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl: A Visitor’s View Of Street Legal Drag Racing

Each year, the NMRA and NMCA join forces at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Illinois to put on a motorsports event that brings the best competitors of each series together in one place; the event is so massive it can only be called the Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing. Follow along as our drag racing newbie covers the event for the first time, and witness the event through his camera lens!